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PhD Linguistics (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

In 2016, the CCLS initiated the PhD programme Linguistics within the a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Methodological pluralism and theoretical diversity are fundamental for the language sciences in Cologne. Interdisciplinary research projects and the idea of overcoming the classical boundaries between the different disciplines is a key feature of our university. Our scientists collaborate on a broad scale in many different types of cooperations and joint activities.

The new PhD programmes follows this lead and provides the early stage researchers with a unique opportunity of conducting interdisciplinary research in the area of language sciences. It is possible to choose supervisors from different linguistic departments in order to shape your individual project. The researchers profit from the strong network especially in regard of gaining access to the ressources of the different institutions (such as the libraries, labs, archives and data repositories). They also profit from the many contacts and collaborations with scientists and institutes in Germany and abroad and may participate in a large number of lectures offered in Cologne. The programme is flexible enough to support you with your specific needs during your early career.

The new programme complements the other 22 language-related PhD subjects and offers you the opportunity for a perfect start into your future career as a linguist.

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