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Vorträge im Sommersemester 2023

Nachfolgend finden Sie das Programm der Ringvorlesung der Kölner Sprachwissenschaften für das Sommersemester 2023. Die einzelnen Veranstaltungen finden in Präsenz statt.

17.04.23 Benjamin Gagl (University of Cologne)
Visual word recognition and reading: Relationship to speech production, neuro-cognitive implementation and applications to improve reading skill
24.04.23 Hans-Martin Gärtner (NYTK, Budapest & IAWDS) & Andreas Pankau (FU Berlin)
On the Grammar and Pragmatics of Exam Questions. Evidence from Marzahn German
08.05.23 Nina Dumrukcic (University of Cologne)
Processing German-English Hybrid Words
15.05.23 Hans Rutger Bosker (MPI)
Prosody through voice, lips, and hands
22.05.23 Aroldo de Andrade (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)
Choosing among cleft constructions in Brazilian Portuguese: Does Prominence have a role, and which one?
05.06.23 Andreas Trotzke (University of Cologne)
Unpredicted syntactic structures at the language-emotion interface
12.06.23 Péter Rácz (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Learning sociolinguistically prominent morphological patterns
19.06.23 André Welters (University and City Library of Cologne)
Datenbankschulung für Studierende
26.06.23 Yaron Matras (Aston Institute for Forensic Linguistics, Birmingham)
What is multilingualism? Towards a critical reflection on research and society
03.07.23 Jutta Stahl (University of Cologne)
To err is (perfectly) human, isn't it? Neural and behavioural perspectives on trait perfectionism and error processing

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