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CCLS Lecture Series

Vorträge im Wintersemester 2021/22

Nachfolgend finden Sie das Programm der Ringvorlesung der Kölner Sprachwissenschaften für das Wintersemester 2021/22. CCLS Mitglieder erhalten den Link zum Meeting über den Newsletter, Studierende finden die Zugangsdaten in ILIAS. Kontaktieren Sie bei Fragen die CCLS-Koordination.

11.10.2021 SFB 1252: Bodo Winter (University of Birmingham)
Statistics in linguistics: Thoughts on recurrent issues and pedagogy
18.10.2021 Martin Pickering & Simon Garrod (University of Edinburgh)
Understanding dialogue: Language use and social interaction
25.10.2021 Student Day: André Welters (USB Köln)
Datenbankschulung für Studierende
08.11.2021 | 18 Uhr Igor Melʹčuk (Université de Montréal)
Language: From Meaning to Text
15.11.2021 Tim Grant (Aston University)
The idea of progress in forensic authorship analysis
22.11.2021 Michael Franke (Osnabrück University)
Probabilistic Models of Question and Answer Choices
29.11.2021 Kathryn Davidson (Harvard University)
Depictions, Descriptions, and Compositionality
06.12.2021 Stefan Th. Gries (UC Santa Barbara)
Towards more and more independent dimensions in corpus linguistics
13.12.2021 | 16 Uhr SFB 1252: Jesse Harris (UCLA)
Perspective management and de lingua commitments in transparent free relatives
10.01.2022 SFB 1252: Jason Bishop (City University of New York)
What can individual differences teach us about prosody's role in language and language processing?
17.01.2022 Elena Lieven (University of Manchester)
Children's learning of noun and verb morphology in Polish, Finnish and Estonian: Experimental and Modelling studies
24.01.2022 Roman Bartosch (University of Cologne)
Interdisciplinary lecture
Climate Change as Troublemaker: Why Climate Education Needs More than Facts and Feelings

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