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About the center

The Cologne Center of Language Sciences (CCLS) is a joint research centre at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Cologne, established in collaboration of all institutes working in the field of linguistics or language-related studies, including the philologies. Our mission is to enhance and facilitate the communication and collaboration of linguists from all domains. With more than 200 members, the CCLS is one of the largest research centres at the University of Cologne and is a strong voice in administrational issues concerning the language sciences.


In different settings, we are gathering our members in order to increase cooperation among them and to provide them with possibilities and support for the elaboration of new ideas and projects. On a weekly basis, we inform our researchers about upcoming events and conferences with our newsletter (automatically included in the membership) and our calendar. During lecture time, we are inviting excellent scientists from Germany and abroad. to our CCLS lecture series. The Series consists of inspiring talks and always ensues lively discussions. Additionally, irregular lectures and meetings are organized under the heading of our research networks and groups.


The CCLS also supports conferences and workshops of our junior researchers and assists all linguists in practical matters. No matter if you need an expert a topic or some information about the administrational procedures in Cologne related with your linguistic research, we are always glad to help.


Under the roof of the CCLS, the MA program Linguistik was launched in 2015. Students can compile an individual curriculum and choose one of the 15 specialisations offered by the member institutes. International students who wish to study in English can choose one of the 8 specialisation withing the English language-based MA program Linguistics.


To provide the graduates with future options for their career since 2017 we offer a doctoral subject Linguistik (PhD).


The main aim of our centre is to strengthen the interdisciplinarity within our field and to make room for the implementation of new methods and ideas, in academic teaching and research.