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CCLS Lecture Series

Talks in the winter semester of 2020/2021

Please find the talks of the CCLS Lecture Series for the winter semester below. CCLS members receive the link to join the meeting (also meeting ID, password and phone options) via the weekly CCLS newsletter. Students can find all these pieces of information on ILIAS.

02.11.20 Beatrix Busse (Cologne)
Discursive Urban Place Making
09.11.20 Claudia Wegener (Cologne)
Explicit verbal negation and negative gestures - First results from an exploratory cross-linguistic study
16.11.20 Judit Vari (Bangor University)
The influence of standardisation on implicit and explicit language attitudes in Belgium and Luxembourg
23.11.20 Eugen Hill & Sonja Gipper (Cologne)
Conversational priming in language change
30.11.20 André Welters (Cologne): Student Day
07.12.20 Elzbieta Adamczyk (University of Wuppertal)
Futurate presents in early English: Patterns of distribution and change in the Old English Bible translations
14.12.20 Nils Reiter (Cologne)
References to Fictional Entities: Annotation and (Automatic) Resolution of Coreference in Dramatic Texts
11.01.21 SFB 1252: Martina Penke & Judith Schlenter (Cologne)
Does case marking influence the description of transitive events in German? - Evidence from sentence production and eye-tracking
18.01.21 SFB 1252: Chris Bongartz (Cologne), Jacopo Torregrossa (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Which literacy practices enhance bilinguals' linguistic and cognitive development? A view from Theory ofMind and narrative complexity
25.01.21 SFB 1252: Melanie Uth & Nuria Martínez García (Cologne)
Perception of prosodic prominence in language contact: cross- linguistic effects of undetected features?
01.02.21 Anke Ortlepp (Cologne)
Interdisziplinärer Vortrag
Grammatik der Architektur: Der (Neo)-Brutalismus in Europa und den Amerikas im 20. Jahrhundert

Video recordings of CCLS Lecture Series

You can find recordings of many past talks held within the frame of the CCLS Lecture Series here in the Opencast portal.

Archive CCLS Lecture Series

Here you can find the posters of the past semesters of the CCLS Lecture Series.