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CCLS Lecture Series

Adjusted CCLS Lecture Series in the summer semester of 2020

Tackling the COVID 19 pandemic is a top priority. In view of recent developments, the board of the Cologne Center of Language Sciences (CCLS) therefore decided on 23 March 2020 that the CCLS Lecture Series will not take place in the summer semester 2020. This step is in line with measures recently taken at the federal level, and represents a top priority as the CCLS also wants to contribute to protecting the health of its members and all students.

Furthermore, the CCLS aims to support the interests of students as far as possible. As a replacement for the usual lecture series, there will be a digital alternative for students. Even if a normal study conditions cannot be guaranteed at present, students should of course find a way to continue their studies if they wish to. Therefore, the CCLS will make it possible for student to acquire ECTS in the CCLS Lecture Series in the summer semester 2020 without being present in lectures. Credit points will be earned by providing their Studienleistung in exclusively digital form.

Students can find detailed information on how to receive credits and the summaries on ILIAS.

Selected lectures for student summaries

Video recordings of CCLS Lecture Series

You can find recordings of many past talks held within the frame of the CCLS Lecture Series here in the Opencast portal.

Archive CCLS Lecture Series

Here you can find the posters of the past semesters of the CCLS Lecture Series.