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CCLS Lecture Series

Talks in the summer semester of 2021

Please find the talks of the CCLS Lecture Series for the summer semester below. CCLS members receive the link to join the meeting (also meeting ID, password and phone options) via the weekly CCLS newsletter. Students can find all these pieces of information on ILIAS.

19.04.2021 Danjie Su (University of Arkansas)
The Role of Lens in Structural Priming and the Emergence of Grammatical Constructions
26.04.2021 Petra Hendriks (University of Groningen)
Perspective taking in reference production and comprehension
03.05.2021 Jana Hosemann (University of Cologne)
Agreement in Sign Languages - it's morpho-syntactic space
10.05.2021 Kenny Smith (University of Edinburgh)
Language learning, language use, and the evolution of linguistic structure
17.05.2021 Astrid Rosenthal-von der Pütten (RWTH Aachen University)
Linguistic Alignment between Humans and Artificial Agents
31.05.2021 Eva Schultze-Berndt (University of Manchester)
Prominence and predictability: investigating the interplay of information structure, constituent order and variable case marking in spoken language corpora
07.06.2021 Kai Kaspar (University of Cologne)
Einflussfaktoren auf die visuelle Aufmerksamkeit: Erkenntnisse aus der Blickbewegungsforschung
14.06.2021 André Welters (University and City Library of Cologne)
Student Day: Datenbankschulung für Studierende
21.06.2021 Veneeta Dayal (Yale University)
X-linguistic Variation in Bare Nominal Interpretation: Are Blocking and Ranking Relevant?
28.06.2021 Emilia Lindroos (University of Lapland)
Legal Linguistics in the Nordic Countries. Past Developments and Future Directions
05.07.2021 CCLS: Uta Reinöhl, Kirsten Culhane, Naomi Peck (University of Freiburg), Simon Fries (University of Cologne), Maria Vollmer (University of Freiburg | CoEDL, ANU Canberra)
Serial verbs and ‘flat’ nominal expressions - Pushing the boundaries of semantic packaging?
12.07.2021 Anke Ortlepp (University of Cologne)
Interdisziplinärer Vortrag
Grammatik der Architektur: Der (Neo)-Brutalismus in Europa und den Amerikas im 20. Jahrhundert

Video recordings of CCLS Lecture Series

You can find recordings of many past talks held within the frame of the CCLS Lecture Series here in the Opencast portal.

Archive CCLS Lecture Series

Here you can find the posters of the past semesters of the CCLS Lecture Series.