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1-Fach-Master Linguistik

The MA Linguistik is aimed at German-speaking students and those who speak German at least at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). For international students we offer an MA Linguistics in English.

Since the winter term 2015/2016, the new Master's programme in Linguistik has been in existence at the University of Cologne. The programme is organised by the CCLS in close cooperation with the linguistic institutes. In addition to a broad specialisation in various fields of linguistic research, students choose to specialise in a range of 16 specialisations.

What we offer you

Research orientation

The 1-Fach Master Linguistik in Cologne combines a thorough methodical and theoretical education with opportunities for specialization in various linguistic disciplines, which in this form and number should be unique in Europe.

Diversity and specialisation

Due to the cooperation of the participating chairs, there is a wide range of courses in the field of empirical and theoretical fundamentals, from which students can choose freely (Aufbaumodule). On the other hand, the students choose a specialisation from the list below (Schwerpunktmodule). In addition, the studies can be supplemented by further freely chosen courses or practical scientific elements such as an internship or attending a summer school (Ergänzungsmodule).

In the initial phase of their studies, students decide to specialise. Depending on their specialisation, they are accompanied through the entire study programme by the relevant specialist advisor and discuss all options with him or her. It is possible to change the desired specialisation and thus also the profile supervision.


It is recommended to complete potential requirements at the beginning of your studies, because gaps in your basic knowledge should typically be filled here. Therefore, please contact your specialist advisor at the beginning of your studies.

  • Bachelor's degree or a comparable degree in linguistics, phonetics, a single-language philology with a linguistic focus (thesis with a linguistic topic) or a comparable linguistic study programme.
  • Knowledge of German at the level of C1-CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
  • English at B2-CEFR level.
  • Additional language skills depending on the profile.


On the pages of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities you will find general information on applying for a Master's degree at the University of Cologne. All information about applying for a Master's degree at the Department of Linguistics can be found here.